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Linux And Samba —

French version: http://arnaud.fortier-family.com/fr/linux-et-samba/ You know, sometimes I really like to waste my time, so I use Linux. And then I’am well served. Between (more and more) cryptic messages / logs (when they exists!!!) the fun is to change options at each and one version … Today I was thinking of sharing data between computers … since […]

Messing around with Layout – Linux —

French Version: http://arnaud.fortier-family.com/fr/galere-avec-les-dispositions-de-clavier-linux/ Working in IT support means you deal with lots of hardware and operating systems. I started my career in France (Home/Office) and therefore was using the default French layout (horrible for coding). I then worked in Switzerland and was in front of the Swiss French layout (well a bit better than French one […]