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Entering the Vapmosphere —

Lately I got sick of smelling like an ashtray, so I decided to give the electronic cigarette a try.

After some discussions with friends, ask advice from a shop and reading articles around it I ended up buying an Joytech eGo One (the Mega one with 2000mAh battery).

After a week of usage, I really like this first e-cigarette 🙂 no more nicotine, no horrible breath, just a portable and enjoyable device.


Here is my small review (as it is my first I cannot compare):


  • Easy to use “Plug’n vap”, no real difficulties here
  • The 2 different drip tips and coils give some basic customization
  • It largely last a day or more
  • Its standard connector (510) make it prompt to change the atomizer (I ordered some to test 🙂 )
  • Airflow are adjustable and suitable for direct lungs intake (with 1 or 0.5 Ohms)


  • The tank is quite difficult to fill up, you don’t see the level while filling
  • The coil has a tendency to unscrew itself when opening the tank, so better check twice before a massive leak
  • If you smoke for too long the temperature is quite high
  • I managed to seal the atomizer on the base, I turned on the coil to heat the head and be able to remove it.

This will be my daily e-cig easy to transport and functional.

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