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Messing around with Layout – Linux —

French Version: http://arnaud.fortier-family.com/fr/galere-avec-les-dispositions-de-clavier-linux/

Working in IT support means you deal with lots of hardware and operating systems. I started my career in France (Home/Office) and therefore was using the default French layout (horrible for coding). I then worked in Switzerland and was in front of the Swiss French layout (well a bit better than French one but still horrible to code) So I decided to change ALL my laptops/PC keyboard to US, and setting all my OS (Windows/Mac/Linux) with the layout “US international”.

This is just perfect, works flawlessly on Windows and Mac OSX ! To type accentuated characters you do: ‘ + e and you get é it’s perfect and easy, you can even do capitalized accentuated characters easily: ‘ + Shift + e = É . The only thing you have to take care is  when you want to use a quote or double quote or tilde (and `) to put a space behind it, otherwise it’ll be composed … -> itś (for example).

On Linux, it was working correctly for at least 4 years when suddenly typing ‘ + c didn’t produce c cedilla : ç but … ć … great. Googling around I found some bullshit explanations on the change and huge hack (incomplete on top!!) to get it back working … as before!

I’m not against evolution or so, but changing a layout and keeping its name unchanged is just amateur work.
I’ve posted a thread on stackexchange : http://stackoverflow.com/questions/17038183/struggling-with-us-international-layout let’s see if I get any answer or better solution!

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