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Synchronize Chrome/Chromium Extension(s) —

French version: http://arnaud.fortier-family.com/fr/synchroniser-les-extensions-dans-chromechromium/

Hi there,

After installing my nice new work laptop, I ran into some synchronization problem: extensions I use were not downloaded. Here’s the solution, taken from this thread ( https://code.google.com/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=152648#c12 )

Just go to Menu > Tools > Extensions. Enable the developer mode, then click on the newly appearing button “Update Extensions Now”. Great!

Otherwise, here’s a list of extensions I use (alphabetical order):

  • AdBlock Not the optimal solution (most of the crap is still downloaded but not executed) but a super good start
  • Ghostery + Ghostery Fixer to remove a maximum tracking from internet …
  • Google +1 Button to share nice articles if the option is not present
  • Google Translate if the page is written in Klingon
  • Kill Evil disabling shitty scripts
  • Pocket an amazing tool to bookmark pages
  • Sexy Undo Close Tab in case of emergency undo !
  • Shoptimate For fast comparison while shopping online
  • Tabs to the front
  • Weather Now to keep track of weather (when it’s further away than looking through your window)
  • Xmarks (Watch out when log in to chrome/chromium to disable bookmark sync to avoid maximum problems) Surely the most useful to me, synchronizes bookmarks across systems and browsers, a must have

Happy surfing!

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